How to operate UA/drone

UA (unmanned aircraft) shall be operated in accordance with the following national requirements.
  • Aviation Act
  • Regulation of the Government of the Republic No 240
  • Regulation of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure No 24
  • Regulation of the Government of the Republic No 189
  • General Precept of Director General of the Estonian Civil Aviation Administration No 4.1-7/15/33 of 9 June 2015

In addition, UA operator must acquaint himself/herself with the information in currently valid Estonian AIP, its Supplements and NOTAMs.

special permit from the Estonian CAA is mandatory when operating UA in the following areas:

  • controlled airspace (map attached),
  • flight information zones (map attached),
  • restricted areas (map attached),
  • anywhere in the Estonian airspace higher than 500 ft / 150 m AGL.

When flying your UA outside of the above-mentioned areas, then no permit is needed. Of course, the UA operator must not endanger third parties when conducting his/her operations.

Estonian CAA issues the special permit for UA operators with a validity of one year.

In order to get the special permit, an application containing the following information about the UA operator or enterprise shall be submitted to the Estonian CAA:

  • legal name (in case of an enterprise)
  • business registry code (if applicable)
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address
  • names and personal identification numbers of the RPA pilots.

The application for a special permit must be signed by the person who has right of representation of the enterprise.

Furthermore, all particular UA flights in the areas where a special permit is required must be coordinated with Estonian CAA so as to inform in advance appropriate air traffic services units.

Consequently, there are two procedures:

  • issue of a special permit,
  • coordination with the CAA.

For coordination, another application shall be submitted with the following information:

  • place of operations (e.g centre coordinates with radius) with map attached
  • purpose of the flight
  • maximum height above ground level
  • time of operations
  • back-up plan in case of loss of control
  • phone number from which the RPA operator can be promptly reached
  • contact details of the applicant

According to the Aviation Act §51 (5) and State Fees Act § 168, a state fee 45 euros must be paid for the review of an application for a special permit obtained from the Estonian CAA.

State fees for Estonian CAA acts shall be paid as follows:

Beneficiary customer: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia
Beneficiary address: Endla 13, Tallinn 10122 ESTONIA 
Reference no: 2900073106
Details of payment: (for example: special permit for RPA operations)

Beneficiary's bank / account: 
SEB: IBAN EE89 1010 2200 3479 6011, BIC / SWIFT: EEUHEE2X 
Swedbank: IBAN EE93 2200 2210 2377 8606, BIC / SWIFT: HABAEE2X 
Nordea: IBAN EE70 1700 0170 0157 7198, BIC / SWIFT: NDEAEE2X

Information regarding to regulations governing the use of drones in Europe you can find in

Last updated: 21.02.2021