Approval Decisions

Approval is a procedure during which an assessment is made of the conformity of a person manufacturing products or providing services to the requirements provided for in Acts and international conventions regulating maritime safety.

Information about all approval decisions issued can be searched for in the Register of Economic Activities database.

Approval is organised on the basis of Sections 7 to 11 of the Maritime Safety Act of the Republic of Estonia.

The requirement for approval extends to products manufactured and services provided in the following areas of activity:

1. shipbuilding, ship repair and ship conversion;
2. manufacture, inspection, repair and testing of shipboard installations, machinery and systems;
3. in-water inspection and repair of the underwater hull of ships;
4. manufacture, repair, inspection and testing of ships’ radiocommunication equipment, navigation equipment, life saving appliances, fire fighting equipment and fire protection structures, as well as maintenance of shore-based radiocommunication equipment;
5. preparation of technical documentation for ships and testing of ships;
6. control of loading operations of chemical tankers;
7. performance of hydrographic surveys;
8. auditing the quality system of maritime educational institutions;
9. building, repair, testing and technical surveys of recreational craft;
10. organisation of training for skippers of recreational craft;
11. organisation of formal (vocational and higher) education and professional training for crew members;
12. organisation of training for operators of personal watercraft;
13. installation and maintenance of safety equipment on board;
14. organisation of training for shipowners, ship security officers and port facility security officers;
15. ships’ agency services.

In order to apply for approval, a person shall submit an application to the Maritime Administration, setting out the following information:
1. name or business name;
2. address and seat or residence;
3. telecommunications numbers;
4. personal identification code or commercial registry code, unless the applicant is a legal person being founded.

The following shall be appended to an application:
1. copies of the documents certifying the qualifications of the applicant or the employees of the applicant (diplomas, certificates, etc.) pertaining to their area of activity;
2. a list of the technical devices used and a description of the applicant’s activity to be approved;
3. a document from the tax authority certifying the absence of tax arrears or deferred payment of tax arrears.

In case a manufacturer requires that the person carrying out maintenance, inspection or repair of a product hold an authorisation or a certificate issued by the manufacturer, a copy of the authorisation or certificate shall be appended to the application.

Upon application for approval of organisation of formal (vocational and higher) education and professional training for crew members, and of organisation of training for operators of personal watercraft, curricula, a list of technical study aids and simulators and the names of the teaching staff shall be appended to the application.

Applicants shall pay a state fee for review of an application for approval within ten working days after approval has been granted or refused. The Maritime Administration shall not issue the decision on approval or refusal of approval before the applicant has paid the state fee.
A state fee shall be paid in accordance with Sections 178-181 of the State Fees Act.


Account No.: 221023778606 Swedbank, or 10220034796011 SEB
Reference No.: 2900073119

All transactions with the Estonian Maritime Administration have the same reference number, and the recipient is the Ministry of Finance (not the Maritime Administration).
Note: an explanation which the state fee is being paid shall be given on a payment order.

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