Theory and driving tests

The purpose of testing drivers is to assess whether a person’s knowledge, skills, behaviour and attitude comply with the qualification requirements. The Estonian Road Administration aims to keep such drivers away from traffic whose insufficient driving abilities may hurt or even kill someone.

Tests established to assess the compliance of the knowledge, skills, behaviour and attitude of an applicant for the right to drive consist of a theory test followed by a practical driving test.

Driver’s examinations are arranged and the test results are evaluated by the Estonian Transport Administration.

An applicant for the right to drive is allowed to take the tests in any Estonian Transport Administration service centre regardless of the place of residence of the examinee or location of the training provider.

The examiner informs the examinee of their driving test results at the end of the test.

The examinee can see the practical driving test report in their inbox on the Estonian Transport Administration’s online service site by logging into the online service site or examining it at a suitable service centre/office. The report lists the mistakes made during the practical driving test.

The assessment of practical driving tests is included in regulation No. 50 of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of 21 June 2011 Procedure for testing drivers of power-driven vehicles and granting of right to drive and forms of drivers’ licences and requirements for driving test vehicles Annexes 3 and 4 to the above regulation specify the assessment of practical driving tests and describe various mistakes.

In the event of disagreement with the practical driving test result, an appeal can be made pursuant to the procedure provided for in the Administrative Procedure Act within 30 days after the test results are announced. The appeal must comply with the requirements of § 76 of the Administrative Procedure Act and be signed. Appeals can be submitted by post, through the online service site, by visiting a suitable Road Administration service centre or through the Estonian Transport Administration’s website under the subject line “Appeal”

If you want to examine the recording of your practical driving test, submit a signed application to the manager of the testing centre by writing to Recordings are available for examination at the Road Administration’s service centres (in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Jõhvi). Only the examinee (and their representative) has access to the recording. Recordings are not sent to examinees for personal use.

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Last updated: 15.02.2021