Misdemeanour procedures

The Estonian Transport Administration manages supervision over public transport. Supervision includes ticket inspection on public county routes and on trains.

Travel ticket inspections are carried out across Estonia. Upon absence of a travel ticket in a bus or train, the Estonian Transport Administration shall issue a decision by alternative procedure. Misdemeanour decisions are still issued upon absence of a ticket on a ship or aeroplane.

In an alternative procedure, a decision of alternative procedure is issued in regard to punishing a person with a sanctioning fine in the amount of 20 euros. If the person is under the age of 18 years, the sanctioning fine shall be issued in the amount of 10 euros. The size of the fine is laid down by law. A sanctioning fine is not a misdemeanour punishment and shall not be entered into the punishment register.

In the case of other misdemeanours, persons may turn to any regional Estonian Transport Administration service bureau to obtain the misdemeanour decision issued to them in regard to a fine. It is necessary to provide a personal identification document (ID-card, passport, driving licence or other document that contains a photograph of the holder) at the service bureau and the client service representative shall print the decision. Pursuant to the law, every person is obliged to ensure that they receive the misdemeanour decision issued to them.

Payment of fines and procedural expenses

Payments are only accepted via bank transfer.

Recipient of payment: Rahandusministeerium

Current accounts of the Ministry of Finance:

Bank name Current account number (IBAN) BIC, i.e. SWIFT code Bank address
SEB Pank AS EE891010220034796011 EEUHEE2X Tornimäe 2, Tallinna linn, Harju maakond, 15010
Swedbank AS EE932200221023778606 HABAEE2X Liivalaia 8, Tallinna linn, Harju maakond, 15040
Luminor Bank EE701700017001577198 NDEAEE2X Liivalaia tn 45, Tallinna linn, Harju maakond, 10145

Reference number is 4100081750.

If the payment is made in the name of another person, the name of the person for whom the fine is paid must be stated in the details, as well as the number of the misdemeanour decision.

Upon making the payment for a fine from a bank located in a foreign country, it is compulsory to state the recipient of payment, bank name, current account number (IBAN), BIC, i.e. SWIFT code, and the amount transferred. Be sure to state the reference number or the number of the misdemeanour decision, as well as the name of the person for whom the fine was paid. More detailed instructions for making international payments are available at the website of your bank.

For foreign payment:

For the international payment of misdemeanor fine please fill in the payment order as follows:

Beneficiary: Rahandusministeerium
Bank: Swedbank AS
IBAN: EE932200221023778606
Amount: The total amount on your decision
Reference No.: According to the reference number on your decision ("viitenumber")

Explanation: Reference number or decision number and the full name of the person the decision was issued for. Please note that reference number is compulsory and payments without reference number may be returned or fail to be registered on time which may result in case brought against you at the bailiff’s office.

Paying in the nearest bank branch: operation – cash deposit.

Additional information:

  • Requisites necessary for the payment of a fine or sanctioning fine are set out on the reverse of the misdemeanour decision or the form of the decision made by expedited procedure or alternative procedure, which has been issued or made available to the offender.
  • The fine must be paid within 15 days as of the date of the decision.
  • The sanctioning fine must be received within 15 days as of the date that the decision of alternative procedure was issued.
  • If a fine or sanctioning fine has not been paid in due time, it shall be submitted to a bailiff without additional warning for compulsory enforcement. Upon compulsory enforcement, the bailiff shall initiate enforcement proceedings in accordance with the Code of Enforcement Procedure and bailiff fees shall be added to the fine.
  • Be sure to check the current account statement on the day following the payment. In the event of any errors during transfer, the amount shall be returned to the payer by the bank and the transfer shall be cancelled.
  • The person subject to proceedings has the right, upon good reason, to submit a request for payment of the fine in instalments. The request shall be submitted within 15 days as of the receipt of the misdemeanour report to the e-mail address info@transpordiamet.ee, by post to Teelise tn 4, Tallinn or submitted personally to the service bureau of Estonian Transport Administration.
  • The misdemeanour decision shall enter into force after 15 days have passed from the date that the decision was made available, as set out in the misdemeanour report. Pursuant to section 203 (2) of the Code of Misdemeanour Procedure, the decision shall be executed within ten days as of the date of entry into force of the decision.
  • In the case an enforcement procedure has been initiated for the collection of a fine that has not been paid by the prescribed due date, the fine shall be paid to the requisites set out in the enforcement notice. In the case the debtor makes the payment for the fine to the requisites indicated in the misdemeanour, expedited procedure or alternative procedure decision after the enforcement procedure has already been initiated, the bailiff will not be aware of this payment and may collect the fine amount from the bank account of the debtor. Compulsory enforcement of a fine that has not been paid in due time always involves extra costs for the debtor, as the bailiff fee is added to the fine. Therefore, it is reasonable to pay the fine by the date of entry into force of the decision at the latest.
  • Double or overpaid amounts or amounts that have been erroneously paid to the fine account may be reclaimed by the payer. A free-format request shall be submitted to this end:
  • - at the service bureau of the Estonian Transport Administration or
  • - by sending a digitally signed request to the e-mail address info@transpordiamet.ee

Additional information about the payment of misdemeanour fine can be obtained from Customer support +372 620 1200 or info@transpordiamet.ee.

Last updated: 08.02.2021