The main processes of safety regulatory oversight are auditing and collecting information via mandatory reporting system.

The focus of the safety regulatory audits is on General Requirements for the Provision of Air Navigation Services, specific requirements for Air Traffic Services, Meteorological services, Aeronautical information service and Communication and Navigation or Surveillance services (EC 1035/2011). The oversight of technical and operational competence and capability, organizational structure and management, economic and financial capacity and quality of services is done by desk-top audit, during which business plans, annual reports, insurance coverage, balance sheets, accounts etc. are reviewed.

On-site audits are performed according to annual audit program, which is prepared bythe Air Traffic Services and Aerodromes Department. The audit program is prepared so that each operational unit was audited at least once and if needed even more following the risk-based approach.

The information collected via reporting system is evaluated and stored in ECCAIRS database. This information is made available in accordance with (EC) No 376/2014.

Last updated: 07.07.2021